Frequently Asked Questions about Steelike® UHPC

What makes Steelike UHPC difference from other UHPC products?

Steelike UHPC is the only Ultra-High Performance Concrete that is all-white, can be routinely and confidently mixed in a ready-mix truck as well as in other traditional mixers, and does not have metal fibers exposed on the surface at risk of staining the UHPC.  Steelike UHPC is also the only UHPC whose dry mix is 100% preblended, just-add-water, resulting in an exceptionally smooth flow and consistent and predictable quality of mixed product.


How does the cost of using Steelike UHPC compare to other UHPC products?

The raw material cost of Steelike UHPC is typically less than other UHPC products. In addition, the unique features of Steelike UHPC and the innovations developed by Steelike can increase project productivity compared to typical UHPC placement methods, resulting in additional contractor cost savings. Steelike UHPC provides savings through both lower material cost and increased contractor productivity.


Does Steelike UHPC meet Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards?

Yes, Steelike UHPC meets or exceeds FHWA specifications standards.

Steelike is mentioned in the following document published by FHWA: FHWA Publication No: FHWA-HRT-19-011 


How broad is the range of applications for Steelike UHPC?

Generally speaking, anywhere concrete is used, Steelike UHPC can be used with significant performance advantages.  The challenge is to optimize the application of UHPC according to its mechanical and durability properties to extract all of its benefits to maximize the cost-effectiveness.  Many applications for Steelike UHPC are listed here.

What makes Steelike UHPC ideally suited for architectural applications? Like all UHPCs, the ultra-fine grained and highly flowable nature of Steelike UHPC means it will replicate the shape of even the most finely detailed forms, and the material strength and durability enable it to be used in very thin applications.  However, Steelike UHPC stands apart from other UHPC products in multiple ways.  First, Steelike UHPC is uniquely all white in its standard formula. Secondly, it has been demonstrated that none of the steel fibers in Steelike UHPC are exposed at the surface, resulting in no risk of staining from corroding fibers.  This means that unlike with other UHPC products, steel fibers can be used in architectural applications, resulting in a higher material tensile strength allowing for even thinner components and/or more widely spaced connectors or supports and greater design flexibility. 

Finally, the unique 100% preblended dry mix results in an extremely smooth and highly consistent material flow, further facilitating the casting of ultra-thin components and creating highly predictable mixing and casting conditions well suited for a repetitive production environment.  Bill Kulish, the inventor of Steelike UHPC, created the formula with architectural applications in mind, and has demonstrated the material’s versatility as a medium for design expressions through many proofs of concepts.

Can you really mix Steelike UHPC in a ready-mix truck? I heard that UHPC requires special high energy mixers to properly mix the ingredients and avoid problems like fiber balling.

Yes, Steelike UHPC can be successfully mixed in a ready-mix truck.  In fact, it has been done hundreds of times with no problems!  Since the Steelike UHPC dry mix is 100% preblended, this reduces the energy required to mix it compared to other UHPC products.

Why would you want to mix Steelike UHPC in a ready-mix truck?

Ready-mix trucks are widely available and relatively affordable to rent.  This typically saves contractors money compared to renting and setting up specialty mixers from other UHPC suppliers.  In addition, a single truck can mix 4 times as much as the typical largest specialty mixer, resulting in less time spent waiting for fresh UHPC to be mixed.  Finally, for projects in congested locations, Steelike UHPC can be mixed offsite and driven onto the project site for discharge.


Can I see Steelike UHPC being mixed in a ready-mix truck?

Yes! We have a YouTube playlist with over a dozen videos of Steelike UHPC being mixed in ready-mix trucks.  Click here to view the video playlist.


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