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For over 20 years, Steelike, Inc. founder Bill Kulish has been at the forefront of cementitious material design innovation. In the process, the founder of the former Kulish Design Company discovered the unique properties of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), and Bill became committed to developing his own UHPC material from the ground up. In time, after hundreds of trials, Bill succeeded in creating a a new and unique UHPC.. This new UHPC has been submitted to a series rigorous tests in accordance with ASTM International standards, which have shown that it meets the requirements of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for UHPC and it performs as well as, and for some properties, better than other commercially available UHPC products. In 2014, Bill Kulish’s UHPC was commercialized for the first time, offering the marketplace a new UHPC material with a unique chemistry. Today this new product is marketed as Steelike® UHPC.

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The History of Steelike® UHPC, UHPC Reaching New Heights™


Sculpture Completed Using an Early Iteration of What Will Become Steelike® UHPC

Designer Bill Kulish proved the possible with a giraffe sculpture made with his UHPC  mix design. Bill named the sculpture “Gigi, Reaching New Heights.” Today, Gigi is symbolic of Kulish’s resilience against the odds. At about the same time Bill creates and plays the first playable concrete record made of UHPC in the USA at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas.


Kulish Design Company, LLC formed. Steelike® UHPC Used in Architectural Designs

To communicate his renewed focus on concrete materials, especially for architectural applications, Bill Kulish and Co-founder Chen Wang rebrands his company and forms Kulish Design Company., LLC. Bill begins a series of experimental formulations  to create a range of applications  of Steelike® UHPC in architecture and design.

Kulish Design Co., LLC Begins Commercial Production and Supply for US Construction Projects

Steelike® UHPC is commercially available and sold for the first time.

First Project to Mix Steelike® UHPC in a Standard Ready-Mix Truck

200 cubic yards of Steelike® UHPC was successfully mixed in a standard front-loading ready-mix truck and placed for the first time on a commercial project over multiple placements.  This was done at Fort Knox Kentucky under the direction and guidance of Mr.David Ward.

Driving Innovation Beyond Expectations:
Our Leadership Team

Chen brings to Steelike, Inc. her many years of experience in global corporate strategy, operations, as well as domestic and international intellectual property law and corporate policy developments. She oversees all operations of Steelike and drives the strategic direction of the company.  Chen co-founded  Steelike’s precedssor Kulish Design Co., LLC with Bill Kulish and proudly supports the efforts of women and minority owned businesses.

Serial entrepreneur, inventor of Steelike® UHPC, independent researcher and developer of novel materials for construction and design, Bill Kulish is the visionary and the creative force of Steelike, Inc. In 2020, after successfully acquiring seed investment, Bill and his co-founder Chen Wang converted Kulish Design Co. LLC to Steelike, Inc.  As President of the company,  Bill is committed to setting up projects for success and expanding awareness and use of Steelike® UHPC mix designs, UHPC Powered by Innovation™.

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