General Product Information for Steelike® UHPC

General Product Information for Steelike® UHPC

About Steelike® UHPC, UHPC Powered by Innovation™

Steelike® UHPC is an advance in ultra-high performance concrete. Only Steelike UHPC is a 100% pre-blended dry mix. This innovative feature offers customers convenience and enhanced productivity. Steelike UHPC is offered in a variety of custom formulations and can be adapted for various applications.

The unique, all-white color of Steelike UHPC can be custom colored to match the surrounding environment of the installed structure – further enhancing product versatility. Customers may have confidence in the consistency of Steelike UHPC, as well as the predictability of the product’s performance and appearance.

First commercialized in 2014, Steelike® UHPC meets or exceeds the performance specifications required by federal and state agencies for UHPC in highway infrastructure projects.

The decades long journey behind the creation of Steelike UHPC means that Steelike is many times stronger and more durable than both conventional and high-performance concrete, with unmatched architectural possibilities.

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“Now I know why you call it a composite and not concrete or mortar”

“That’s beautiful stuff”

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