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Nate has professional experience in manufacturing, medical device, retail, and entrepreneurship. Between starting his own businesses to working for fortune 500 companies he has broad business development experience across many industries. With a mechanical engineering background and hands on experience he can help customers utilize the full scope and value of Steelike UHPC for their projects.


Business Developer Engineer

Technical Support
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Serial entrepreneur, inventor of Steelike® UHPC, independent researcher and developer of novel materials for construction and design, Bill Kulish is the visionary and the creative force of Steelike, Inc. In 2020, after successfully acquiring seed investment, Bill and his co-founder Chen Wang converted Kulish Design Co. LLC to Steelike, Inc. As President of the company, Bill is committed to setting up projects for success and expanding awareness and use of Steelike® UHPC mix designs, UHPC Powered by Innovation™.

Bill Kulish

Founder, President & CTO