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Steelike® UHPC Works Harder so Contractors Can Focus on Project Productivity

Only Steelike UHPC can be delivered directly to your project pre-mixed and ready to place. This feature allows contractors to focus on their job and what they do best.

Flexibility for Changing Weather Conditions . . . UHPC Powered by Innovation™

Because Steelike® UHPC is mixed in the enclosed environment of a ready-mix truck, changing weather does not compromise the product. This can allow Steelike UHPC to be mixed while waiting for the rain to stop.

Steelike™ Innovations Reduce Project Complexities and Costs

Only Steelike® UHPC can be routinely and confidently mixed in a standard front-loading ready-mix truck. This eliminates costs for specialty mixer shipping, setup, and rental fees. And the large capacity of a ready-mix truck means that for large projects a series of readily-available trucks can eliminate the need for a costly mobile batching facility. This can also decrease the number of contractor staff required to mix the UHPC. Only Steelike UHPC eliminates complexities and costs to allow increased project productivity.

Easily Scales to Larger Volumes …UHPC Powered by Innovation™

Steelike® UHPC is easily scalable to support large volume projects. Just add more ready-mix trucks! In addition, for large projects, Steelike UHPC dry mix may be able to be delivered in tanker trucks, speeding up the loading process and eliminating the hassle of bulk bags. This scaling option is offered only by Steelike.

Limited Space in Congested Locations . . . UHPC Powered by Innovation™

Steelike® UHPC can handle tight spaces. Mixing in a standard front loading ready-mix truck means no on-site space is required for storing, loading and mixing UHPC. The UHPC can be mixed off-site, with the truck driving directly to the project discharge location. For some applications, Steelike UHPC can even be placed directly from the truck.

Tedious Transfer from Mixer to Transport . . UHPC Powered by Innovation™

Only Steelike® UHPC offers the convenience and cost savings of product mixing in a standard front-loading ready-mix truck. Once mixed, Steelike® UHPC is ready to go for placement.

Off-Job-Site Mixing Preferred . . . UHPC Powered by Innovation™

With Steelike® UHPC, you may select a product mixing location that is off-site. Because product is mixed in ready-mix trucks, Steelike® UHPC is ready for transport to the jobsite without additional transfer steps.

Color Modification . . . The Solution is Steelike® UHPC

Steelike UHPC is an advance in ultra-high performance concrete with a unique all-white color. Unlike competing products, Steelike UHPC is always white with no premium purchase required. The all-white color of Steelike UHPC allows it to be modified to any color desired. No painting necessary!

Value-Added Project Support . . . UHPC Powered by Innovation™

Our experts can support you and your project in many ways, for example by reviewing UHPC specifications and project requirements, making value-engineering suggestions, and suggesting faster ways to accomplish project objectives.

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