About the Product Process with Steelike® UHPC

About the Product Process with Steelike® UHPC

For infrastructure projects, Steelike® UHPC is typically mixed on-site in accordance with directions provided by Steelike’s Technical Support team. The following is an overview of the typical on-site process when working with Steelieke® UHPC.


Flexible Mixing Options Support Customer Work Site Needs: Only Steelieke® UHPC offers our customers product mixing options that save costs in terms of time, labor and equipment. Innovative mixing options provide flexibility to better support specific project and job site needs.

Off-Site Mixing:  Steelike® UHPC may be mixed off-site in a standard front loading ready-mix truck and then delivered to the project location. This option reduces work site disruptions and space requirements.

On-Site Mixing: Steelike® UHPC may be mixed at the job location in a standard front loading ready-mix truck or in a variety of other mixing equipment.

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Steelike® UHPC may be placed using readily available job site resources such as buckets, wheelbarrows, or buggies. In some circumstances, Steelike UHPC can even be placed directly from the truck, reducing waste and equipment needs. In addition, in the near future the patent-pending Steelike™ SUPA™ mixer/pump will be able to pump Steelike UHPC to difficult-to-access locations or spray Steelike UHPC for large concrete surface repairs.

For precast deck-level connections, Steelike UHPC can be placed flush with the surrounding deck. Whereas competing products require overfilling to grind away a top layer that gets filled with air bubbles, Steelike has a unique proprietary process to prevent the accumulation of air bubbles.

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With Steelike’s proprietary methods and materials, Steelike® UHPC can be cured without the need to cover exposed surfaces. This can eliminate the hassles of plastic sheet that can blow around in the wind and leave deep impressions in the UHPC surface.

Steelike UHPC should be maintained at a minimum curing temperature of 50° F (18° C). Steelike has the capability to determine the in-place strength of the Steelike UHPC using embedded sensors without solely relying on breaking cylinder or cube samples.

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Certain applications of Steelike® UHPC, such as deck-level connections between precast element, may require top forms. Typically, where top forms are required, specifications call for an overfill to be grinded away after curing, since the top forms can trap air bubbles in the top of the UHPC. Steelike UHPC does not need to be overfilled and grinded due to our proprietary innovation that eliminates the trapping of air bubbles.

For a bridge deck overlay application, to achieve a desirable surface profile and adequate skid resistance, the top of an overlay is typically grinded and/or grooved.

Any formed surface of Steelike UHPC will replicate the texture of the form to a high level of detail, which can be advantageous for architectural and decorative applications.

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