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Unsurpassed Compressive Strength

The high compressive and tensile properties of UHPC also facilitate a high bond strength, allowing shorter length of rebar embedment in applications such as closure pours between precast elements.

Unmatched Durability

UHPC was designed to be significantly stronger and more durable than conventional concrete and this has been proven by its performance over time.

Unparalleled Resistance to Freeze/Thaw

Because UHPC is prepared in the controlled, contained environment of a ready-mix truck, changing weather does not compromise the product. Its low permeability reduces water ingress enhancing resistance to the effects of freeze and thaw.

Unique White Color of Steelike® UHPC

The use of fine materials for the matrix also provides a dense, smooth surface valued for its aesthetics and ability to closely transfer form details to the hardened surface. The white color of Steelike® UHPC significantly improves color matching.


We have repeatably had independent laboratories test Steelike, UHPC

Compressive test alone does not make concrete UHPC


Following are just some of the testing that does.

Steelike® UHPC
2% Steel Fiber
Table of Contents:
1. Flexural Test
2. Compression
3. Multiple Test Results
a. Compression
b. Modulus of Elasticity
c. Freeze-Thaw for 300 cycles
d. Abrasion Resistance
e. Equivalent Flexural Strength
f. Long-Term Shrinkage
g. Autogenous Strain
h. Time of Set
4. Rapid Chloride Test
5. Chloride Ion Penetration Test
6. Scaling Resistance
7. Alkali-Silica Reactivity Test
8. Freeze-Thaw for 600 cycles
9. Splitting Tensile Test
10. Bond Pull-Off Test
11. Pull-Out Resistance Test
12. Surface Resistivity Test
13. State Materials Approvals
14. U.S. Design Guides for UHPC

Technology/ Innovation

Steelike, Inc. 

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Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

Accelerated Bridge Construction uses prefabricated bridge components to replace and repair existing bridges in a more cost-effective and safer manner. UHPC is ideal for the field-cast connections used in the ABC method.

Bridge Decks

The use of precast bridge decks made from UHPC allow for critical bridge components to be replaced quickly. This reduces the disruption to traffic and keeps on-site construction to a minimum.


UHPC has been recommended for use in tunnels due to its fire resistance and strength, qualities that are extremely important for such structures.

Wind Turbine Towers

Wind power is a growing energy source. UHPC components allow for the creation of taller wind turbine towers. This increases output of towers, generating more renewable energy.

Additional structures that benefit from the use of UHPC

These include: precast girders, precast waffle panels for bridge decks, field-cast closure pours for prefabricated bridge elements (joint fills), precast concrete piles, seismic retrofits of bridges, thin-bonded overlays of bridge decks, security and blast mitigation application.

Bridge Girders

Bridge girders are a main structural component used to support bridge deck and traffic loads for short- and medium-span bridges. UHPC is ideal for its strength and durability.

Highway Infrastructure

UHPC is the answer to concerns about highway infrastructure deterioration, repair and replacement. The remarkable durability of UHPC, supported in part by its resistance to freeze/thaw conditions and its resistance to water ingress, translates to significantly lower costs over time.

Seismic Columns

The strength and durability of UHPC make it ideal for use in seismic columns for bridges. This is an innovative way to design earthquake-resistant bridge columns.

Security and Blast Mitigation


The compressive strength and tensile resistance of UHPC have led to its use for security and blast mitigation for critical infrastructure. Studies have shown that UHPC concrete slabs demonstrate improved damage tolerance.

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