Steelike® UHPC Facilitates Self-Performance in Placement

What’s important about the following video is not only what you see, such as 7-yard batches being placed rapidly next to live train tracks, but what you don’t see, which are piles of boards for top-forming, which would then require grinding, and a dozen contractor helpers struggling with tools and messes. 


Steelike® UHPC is an advanced ultra-high performance concrete with a unique all-white color. First commercialized in 2014, Steelike® UHPC is backed by decades of research and development. The chemistry behind Steelike® UHPC means Steelike® UHPC provides significantly greater strength and durability than conventional concretes and high-performance concretes. It is enhanced by a number of unique flexible and innovative options for mixing and placement.

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Advantages of UHPC

Unsurpassed Compressive Strength

The high compressive and tensile properties of UHPC also facilitate a high bond strength, allowing shorter length of rebar embedment in applications such as closure pours between precast elements.

Unmatched Durability

UHPC was designed to be significantly stronger and more durable than conventional concrete and this has been proven by its performance over time.

Unparalleled Resistance to Freeze/Thaw

Because UHPC is prepared in the controlled, contained environment of a ready-mix truck, changing weather does not compromise the product. Its low permeability reduces water ingress enhancing resistance to the effects of freeze and thaw.

Unique White Color of Steelike® UHPC

The use of fine materials for the matrix also provides a dense, smooth surface valued for its aesthetics and ability to closely transfer form details to the hardened surface. The white color of Steelike® UHPC significantly improves color matching.

Excellent Performance

Steelike® UHPC offers significantly greater compressive strength, tensile response, ductility, bond strength and durability than market leading concretes.

Steelike® UHPC has been consistently proven to meet or exceed performance standards for UHPC as stipulated by States Departments of Transportation (DOTs), as well as Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) performance specifications.

Enhances Productivity

Only Steelike® UHPC has been routinely and confidently prepared in standard concrete ready-mix trucks.  We dialed in the use of trucks in 2014 and have successfully batched over 2000 times.  

This eliminates costs associated with setting up a mobile batching facility and/or for renting expensive equipment.

Can Steelike® UHPC be mixed in other types of mixers if needed?  Yes, please contact us for more information. Not only can it be, but we have also developed patent pending technology that allows us to pump and “Shotcrete” UHPC with steel fibers as well.

Only Steelike® UHPC eliminates complexities and costs to allow increased project productivity.

Expands Applications

Steelike® UHPC mix designs are versatile and may be formulated to meet specific performance requirements for a multitude of applications.

Applications using Steelike® UHPC include: bridge overlays, connections for precast deck panels, steel column encasements, precast and prestressed girders, bridge joint replacements and more.

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Steelike’s proven UHPC mixing protocol ensures consistent quality of Steelike® UHPC coming out of the chute and thus facilitates successful placements by the contractor.

Steelike® UHPC
Innovation that Expands Applications

Transportation Infrastructure

(Automobile, Rail, and Maritime Traffic)

Precast UHPC Components,

Field-Cast UHPC Components

Field-Cast UHPC for Preservation and Repair

Building Infrastructure

Precast UHPC Components

Cladding / Façade Panels

Field-Cast Components

Field-Cast UHPC for Preservation and Repair

Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

Precast UHPC Components

Tunnel and Channel Lining

Connections between Precast Elements

Energy Infrastructure

Nuclear – Radiation protection

Wind – Foundation splicing / grouting

Hydropower – Spillway erosion / abrasion protection

Oil – Borehole lining; Abandoned borehole plugging; Repair and protection of offshore structures

Architecture and Decorative

Architecture and Decorative

Cladding Panels

Architectural Staircases

Urban Furniture

Decorative Tiles & Sculptures

Defense Infrastructure

Defense Applications

Blast Resistance

Impact Resistance

Force Protection

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