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UHPC types for Different Applications

Steelike, Inc. offers several variations of UHPC aka UHPFRC mix designs, marketed under the trademark Steelike®. All variations of Steelike® Mix Designs meet or exceed properties stipulated in State DOT specifications as well as in published FHWA documents. Each variation of Steelike® mix designs has been formulated to meet the specific needs of a particular application.

Ready Mix UHPC

The Original Steelike® UHPC Mix Design

The Original Steelike® UHPC Mix Design is recommended for prefabrication of structural components as well as overlays and cladding panels, and is recommended for general use in field cast UHPC joints between prefabricated structural components.

Steelike® R

UHPC Steelike being mixed with existing equipment. In this case a standard Ready-Mix truck.

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