Applications for Steelike® UHPC

Applications for Steelike® UHPC

Steelike® UHPC Innovation with Endless Applications

Steelike, Inc., produces and supplies a range of Steelike® ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) mix designs for a wide range of applications. While the most recent applications are in transportation infrastructure, there are many other applications.  UHPC is a versatile building material that satisfies structural, architectural, and durability performance needs. This product applications section helps you envision the range of ways that Steelike® UHPC can increase the performance of your next project.

Applications Using Steelike® UHPC

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

Accelerated Bridge Construction uses prefabricated bridge components to replace and repair existing bridges in a more cost-effective and safer manner. UHPC is ideal for the field-cast connections used in the ABC method.

Bridge Girders

Bridge girders are a main structural component used to support bridge deck and traffic loads for short- and medium-span bridges. UHPC is ideal for its strength and durability.

Bridge Decks

The use of precast bridge decks made from UHPC allow for critical bridge components to be replaced quickly. This reduces the disruption to traffic and keeps on-site construction to a minimum.

Highway Infrastructure

UHPC is the answer to concerns about highway infrastructure deterioration, repair and replacement. The remarkable durability of UHPC, supported in part by its resistance to freeze/thaw conditions and its resistance to water ingress, translates to significantly lower costs over time.


UHPC has been recommended for use in tunnels due to its fire resistance and strength, qualities that are extremely important for such structures.

Seismic Columns

The strength and durability of UHPC make it ideal for use in seismic columns for bridges. This is an innovative way to design earthquake-resistant bridge columns.

Wind Turbine Towers

Wind power is a growing energy source. UHPC components allow for the creation of taller wind turbine towers. This increases output of towers, generating more renewable energy.

Security and Blast Mitigation

The compressive strength and tensile resistance of UHPC have led to its use for security and blast mitigation for critical infrastructure. Studies have shown that UHPC concrete slabs demonstrate improved damage tolerance.

Additional structures that benefit from the use of UHPC

These include: precast girders, precast waffle panels for bridge decks, field-cast closure pours for prefabricated bridge elements (joint fills), precast concrete piles, seismic retrofits of bridges, thin-bonded overlays of bridge decks, security and blast mitigation application.

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Advanced Technology in UHPC

Steelike® UHPC is an advance in ultra high-performing concrete with a unique all-white color that offers ease of color matching and heat resistance. First commercialized in 2014, Steelike UHPC mix design is backed by decades of research and development. As its name suggests, Steelike UHPC provides the strength of steel. The break-through chemistry behind Steelike UHPC means Steelike provides greater strength by volume than conventional concretes and high-performing concretes. The durability of Steelike significantly exceeds conventional UHPC.

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Steelike® UHPC Brings Value in Longer Lasting and Resilient Infrastructure

Steelike® UHPC is significantly stronger and more durable than conventional concretes. This provides opportunities to optimize structures for UHPC, resulting in less overall materials that last a significantly longer time. Instead of as little as 15-to-20-year life spans, UHPC can provide life spans of 75 years or more for bridge structures. The same durability benefits can be applied to parking structures as well as industrial facilities, wastewater facilities, and oil industry infrastructure with chemically aggressive environments.

Field-cast UHPC connections for bridge application are a targeted way to extend bridge life and accelerate construction. It allows for precasting of components in conventional concrete, in controlled facilities that results in higher quality and durability. The field-cast UHPC connects are stronger and more durable the panels, maximizing the durability potential of the precast components and resulting in a longer life compared to conventional cast-in-place concrete structures. Steelike UHPC offers all the benefits of other UHPC products but with innovative placement techniques that reduce labor and costs, such as by eliminating the need to overfill and grind deck-level UHPC connections.

Precast UHPC components can increase the durability and lifespan of structures even more, with the added advantage of less weight, which will result in savings in shipping costs and foundation construction, helping to offset the higher material cost of UHPC. Steelike UHPC is backed by decades of research and development. As its name suggests, Steelike UHPC provides the strength of steel but in a flowable cementitious composite material.

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UHPC Brings Value in Longer Lasting & Resilient Infrastructure

When viewed only by the material cost, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) appears to be very expensive compared to conventional concrete. However, this short-sighted assessment misses the significant value that UHPC offers.

UHPC has many advantages over conventional concrete, including significantly better performance in terms of strength, ductility, flexibility and toughness, impact resistance, dimensional stability, durability / increased useful life, impermeability / freeze-thaw resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, aggressive environment resistance and chemical resistance.

In addition to its mechanical and durability advantages over conventional concrete, UHPC is highly flowable material with an extremely small particle size. This enables it to be fabricated in very thin sections and in complex shapes.

Other UHPC advantages include the potential elimination of passive reinforcement (reinforcement bars), precise replication, use of conventional concrete equipment, ability to cast by pouring, injection or extrusion techniques, self-consolidation, off-site manufacturing, fast construction and reduced maintenance.

UHPC has a strong potential to help revitalize the nation’s existing infrastructure, and help build new infrastructure that is sustainable, resilient and longer lasting.

UHPC provides the strong potential to help the revitalization of the US infrastructure, as well as building a new infrastructure that is sustainable, resilient and longer lasting.

[reference source: US Homeland Security, Science and Technology Report, 2011.]

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