UHPC Applications

Current UHPC Applications

UHPC Applications range from bridges to cladding. UHPC has demonstrated exceptional performance when used as a field-cast closure pour or grout material in applications requiring the onsite connection of multiple prefabricated elements.

This use of UHPC has gained significant momentum recently, with States around the country considering the application. UHPC is being field-cast into the deck-level connections between two deck-bulb-tee prestressed girders.

UHPC applications

  • Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) – Accelerated Bridge Construction uses prefabricated bridge components to replace and repair existing bridges in a more cost-effective and safer manner. UHPC is ideal for the field-cast connections used in the ABC method. For a deeper dive on ABC bridge construction, check out our recent blog. (Link to CT010618 when ready)
  • Bridge girders applications – Bridge girders are a main structural component used to support bridge decks and traffic loads for short and medium-span bridges. UHPC is ideal here given its strength and durability.
  • Bridge decks – The use of precast bridge decks made from UHPC allow for critical bridge components to be replaced quickly. This reduces the disruption to traffic and keeps on-site construction to a minimum.
  • Seismic columns – The strength and durability of UHPC make it ideal for use in seismic columns for bridges. This is an innovative way to design earthquake-resistant bridge columns.
  • Tunnels – UHPC has been recommended for use in tunnels due to its fire resistance and strength, qualities that are extremely important for this type of structure.
  • Wind turbine towers – Wind power is a growing energy source. UHPC components allow for the creation of taller wind turbine towers. This increases the output of towers, generating more renewable energy.
  • Highway infrastructure – UHPC is the answer to concerns about highway infrastructure deterioration, repair, and replacement. It’s longer life and lower lifetime cost makes it the ideal way to repair and replace existing roads and bridges so they will last longer.
  • Security and blast mitigation – The compressive strength and tensile resistance of UHPC have led to its use for security and blast mitigation for critical infrastructure. Studies have shown that UHPC concrete slabs demonstrate improved damage tolerance.

Following, are additional structures that benefit from the use of UHPC Applications

  • Prestressed girders
  • Precast waffle panels for bridge decks
  • Field-cast closure pours for prefabricated bridge elements (Joint-Fills)
  • Precast concrete piles
  • Seismic retrofits of bridges
  • Thin bonded overlays of bridge decks
  • Security and blast mitigation application

UHPC Applications are also being investigated for use in a variety of other applications. These applications include precast concrete piles, seismic retrofit of substandard bridge substructures, thin-bonded overlays on deteriorated bridge decks, and security and blast mitigation applications. In a general sense, UHPC has proven to be particularly relevant in applications where conventional solutions are lacking. For example, conventional connection solutions have hindered the use of prefabricated elements; field-cast UHPC allows for a redesign and simplification of the system while simultaneously promoting long-term durability.
Bridges with UHPC components are open to traffic in the United States and Canada.