Innovative Processes that Set Up Project Success

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Project Support for All Applications of UHPC

At Steelike Inc., we develop innovative smart tools that can increase project efficiencies, minimize waste and emissions, and improve ease of use for work crews. Only Steelike® UHPC offers on-site and off-site preparation options. Steelike UHPC can be delivered directly to your project pre-mixed and ready to place. This feature allows contractors to focus on their job and what they do best.

Transportation Infrastructure (Automobile, Rail, and Maritime Traffic)

UHPC is the answer to concerns about highway infrastructure deterioration, repair and replacement. The remarkable durability of UHPC, supported in part by its resistance to freeze/thaw conditions and its resistance to water ingress, translates to significantly lower costs over time.

Building Infrastructure (Cladding / Façade Panels, Beams, Sheer Walls, Slabs)

Steelike® UHPC is significantly more powerful per cubic yard than conventional concretes. For this reason, architects may incorporate design features that are not possible with other concrete products. With Steelike UHPC, panels for cladding may be larger and thinner yet offering strength like steel.

Water / Wastewater Infrastructure

Advantages of UHPC include: ability to construct thin sections and use complex structural forms, elimination of passive reinforcement (reinforcement bars), precise replication, use of conventional concrete equipment, ability to cast by pouring, injection or extrusion techniques, self-consolidation, off-site manufacturing, fast construction and reduced maintenance. The high density / low permeability of Steelike UHPC significantly reduces risk of water ingress and associated degradation and damage.

Energy Infrastructure

The UHPC advantages include: significantly better performance in terms of strength, ductility, flexibility and toughness, impact resistance, dimensional stability, durability / increased useful life, impermeability / freeze/thaw resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, aggressive environment resistance and chemical resistance.

Architecture and Decorative

As with other UHPCs, Steelike UHPC achieves exceptional strength and durability of performance with significantly less volume than conventional concrete. The resulting benefit is that UHPCs, especially Steelike UHPC, are lighter in weight and more conducive for use in architectural design applications such as cladding.


The compressive strength and tensile resistance of UHPC have led to its use for security and blast mitigation for critical infrastructure. Studies have shown that UHPC concrete slabs demonstrate improved damage tolerance.

When You Choose Steelike® UHPC,
There is an Increase in Productivity

Productivity Goes Up

Process Complexity,

Costs & Emissions Go Down

Cubic Yards Mixed at One time
Worker for Mixing and Transport
Standard Ready-Mix Truck

Reduces Complexity & Costs

One of the most costly aspects of UHPC use is on-the-job-site preparation. For conventional UHPC mix designs, product mixing requires a team of highly skilled individuals, good weather conditions and the rental of expensive equipment. With Steelike, there are no costs for set up of a mobile batching facility, for rental of expensive equipment or for a large team of highly skilled individuals. Only Steelike eliminates  complexities and costs to allow increased project productivity.  

Innovative Processes that Set Up Customer Success

Project Planning

At Steelike, Inc., our commitment to the success of your project begins with planning. We will overview our process and how we will work with you to support your success. This will include reviewing what’s needed, what’s supplied and what’s not needed.  We will collaborate with you to develop a checklist that is specific to your project. A technical expert is ready to support your next project. Contact us to learn more about our planning process.

On the Job Expertise & Training

 At Steelike, Inc., we are committed to our customers’ success from project start to finish. A Steelike, Inc., technical expert will be on the job to mock-up the project and make adjustments, and offer training as needed. Our expert will assure that the project runs smoothly. At Steelike, Inc., we minimize the time and distractions associated with UHPC preparation and placement so contractors and their crews may focus on what they do best. Learn more about our on-the-job support from a customer specialist today.

Commitment to Quality

We stand behind the quality of Steelike UHPC and its performance. Our Steelike, Inc., technical expert will provide field testing and ongoing follow up. Reach out to a Steelike, Inc., technical expert for more information about our commitment to quality.

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Driving Innovation Beyond Expectations:
Our Leadership Team

Chen brings to Steelike, Inc. her many years of experience in global corporate strategy, operations, as well as domestic and international intellectual property law and corporate policy developments. She oversees all operations of Steelike and drives the strategic direction of the company.  Chen co-founded  Steelike’s precedssor Kulish Design Co., LLC with Bill Kulish and proudly supports the efforts of women and minority owned businesses.

Serial entrepreneur, inventor of Steelike® UHPC, independent researcher and developer of novel materials for construction and design, Bill Kulish is the visionary and the creative force of Steelike, Inc. In 2020, after successfully acquiring seed investment, Bill and his co-founder Chen Wang converted Kulish Design Co. LLC to Steelike, Inc.  As President of the company,  Bill is committed to setting up projects for success and expanding awareness and use of Steelike® UHPC mix designs, UHPC Powered by Innovation™.

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