Original Steelike® UHPC Mix

The Original Steelike® UHPC Mix Design

Steelike, Inc. has learned that each application of UHPC is different. 

Steelike® UHPC Concrete Mix Design

Steelike™ Metal Fibers

The standard dose is 2% by volume for most project other than overlays.  They normally require between 3 and 3.25%.  This can be adjusted for specific results.

For specific applications, optional mono-filament PVA fibers are available.

Custom Fibers are available.



1) Just-Add-Water Steelike® UHPC Mix Design. Less steps are required but this requires strict mixing protocol.

2) This mix can and has been mixed in a standard Ready-Mix truck.

3) All White Ingredients allowing pigments to be added.

4) Chloride Permeability is less than <88 coulombs.

5) Comes in 40 lb. bags or 1/2 cubic yard sacks.

6) This mix can be customized for different applications.

7) Metal and/or PVA fibers are available.

8) No Licensing Fees

9) Manufactured in the USA including fibers

10) ASTM compressive averages 25,000 psi

11) No Fiber Balling if you follow strict protocol

Commercial and Industrial


FHWA project Video of Steelike UHPC being mixed in a Ready-Mix truck
Steelike UHPC being mixed in a Ready-Mix Truck


Bridge Overlays/Encapsulation

Bridge Joints

Architectural Elements

Caustic Environments

Splash Zones

Highly Abrasive Areas

Blast and Impact Areas


Tunnel Liners


Not only can the Original Steelike® UHPC mix Design be mixed in a standard Ready-Mix truck, but so can the majority of the modified mix designs. Please contact us to discuss your application needs.