FHWA UHPC Girder Project

FHWA Applications

Following are a series of videos showing the mixing and placement of Steelike UHPC into girder forms for a recent FHWA Girder Project.


The videos above and the picture below are from a recent FHWA UHPC Girder Project in which Steelike UHPC Mix Design was used. What made this groundbreaking was that traditionally mixing UHPC requires setting up a mobile batch plant. Said plant requires special mixers that are expensive to rent and even more expensive to purchase. Especially if you , as a contractor, are only going to be needing to use it once or twice a year. The good news is that with a clean and dry standard Ready-Mix Truck and specific training you can mix Steelike UHPC onsite with far less specialized equipment. This is not to say it is easy, just that it can and has been done successfully of the years.

Contact us for exact requirements and training. 

FHWA project Video of Steelike UHPC being mixed in a Ready-Mix truck
Steelike UHPC being mixed in a Ready-Mix Truck