Where can I buy UHPC?

Buying UHPC

Where can I buy UHPC is often searched online. Purchasing UHPC can be tricky. Be very careful of additive suppliers claiming “just add this expensive powder to regular concrete and you’ll have UHPC”.

Okay, you see a YouTube Video claiming how to make cheap UHPC or a company that repackages other’s additives claiming that buying their “magic powder”, which is normally just a cementitious material put in a nice bag, and adding it with gravel, which is rarely if ever used in UHPC because it upsets the particle packing…. you get the idea.

Over the years I have seen booths at trade shows or videos claiming very non-science based things. Untested, uncertified and unproven UHPC is showing up more and more.

This is sad to say the least and misleading in multiple ways. True UHPC is available by reputable manufacturers such as Lafarge, Cor-Tuff, Dura and Steelike UHPC by Kulish Design Co., LLC. There may be handful of others but the one’s I just mentioned are actually listed in a recent Technote published by the FHWA as materials showing the characteristics sought when using UHPC.

Contact legitamate UHPC manufactures only and conctact us at https://thesteelikestore.com

To read more at https:/kulishdesignco.com or call 609-703-2020

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