UHPC Metal Fiber

UHPC metal fiber that qualifies for the “Buy America Act”

Finding a metal fiber that is designed specifically for UHPC and also qualifies for the “Buy America Act” has been limited, until now!

Working with Fibercon International, Kulish Design Co., LLC is proud to announce the creation of such a fiber. We still have testing to do but primary results, as seen below, are encouraging. Are the results exactly the same as the no longer made in the USA Bekaert fiber? No!

To quote a professor who is well respected in the UHPC field of academia “some prefer to see the flat line all the way to 0.004 strain. In my opinion, it all depends on what the designer wants to use the fiber in his/her calculations.” Very wise statement and it reinforces what many equally respected engineers and academics also recognize which is that different prerequisites exist for each application. This is what makes UHPC applications unique. So increasing the fiber dose could increase the flat line but may not be necessary for every applications.

That being said we are getting the required post-cracking behavior needed. Following is a second test conducted by Sriram Aaleti, PhD Associate Professor Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering at The University of Alabama confirming we are heading in the right direction. Feel free to contact me for availability.

UHPC Metal Fiber
Initial test results

To be clear, this fiber is available to the entire industry because together we can move forward in offering UHPC as solutions for every industry.