Applications using UHPC

Current uses of UHPC

There are currently multiple projects throughout the world that have incorporated UHPC. Recently, Steelike(R) was utilized in a FHWA Girder Project. UHPC is being considered for use in a wide variety of highway infrastructure applications. The high compressive and tensile strengths of UHPC allow for the redesign and optimization of structural elements. Concurrently, the enhanced durability properties facilitate a lengthening of design life and allow for potential use as thin overlays, claddings, or shells. In the United States, UHPC has been used in prestressed concrete girder simple-span bridges, precast concrete deck panels, and UHPC field-cast connections between prefabricated bridge components.

Here are just a few UHPC Application Practices :

  • UHPC Prestressed girders
  • UHPC Precast waffle panels for bridge decks
  • UHPC Field-cast closure pours for prefabricated bridge elements (Joint-Fills)

  • UHPC Precast concrete piles
  • UHPC Seismic retrofits of bridges
  • UHPC Thin bonded overlays of bridge decks
  • UHPC Security and blast mitigation application

UHPC is also being investigated for use in a variety of other applications. These applications include precast concrete piles, seismic retrofit of substandard bridge substructures, thin-bonded overlays on deteriorated bridge decks, and security and blast mitigation applications.Aug 29, 2018

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